Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.

- Martin Luther King


This afternoon you visited my classroom and asked me to give you some feedback from my 3rd and 4th graders after your speech. Overall, they completely
understood your speech. Your stories about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were captivating and the speeches were powerful. Through your speech, my students definitely learned a great deal more about that time in our history. Thank you for such a wonderful presentation! - Meg Haney, Teacher- 3rd/4th grade Accelerated/Enriched, CICS-Bucktown

Just a quick note with a huge thanks for your extraordinary educational performance last night. You were moving, brilliant and informative, the audience was enthralled. I am so grateful you were able to be at Marshall to celebrate Dr. King, we have all been touched by your knowledge and expertise. - Dr. Shari Clarke, Vice President Multicultural Affairs, Marshall University

Mr. Lucas was captivating and we have received many favorable comments. It was certainly a pleasure meeting him. He was very professional and his remarks were timely. As always, it was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to future ventures together. - Kimberly Crutcher-Williams, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Madison Hall

I wanted to thank you for an amazing performance, just mesmerizing. We so enjoyed having you visit Drury, and hope you can return again in the future. Wishing you well with your work and travels. - Lisa Marie Esposito, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy Chair, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Drury University

The community is all abuzz with the energy you brought to us. Students have spoken of your knowledge , your passion and your ability to connect with them so deeply. Most people have been using the words captivating or mesmerizing to describe the presentation, the gift, you shared with us. Many faculty and students have asked me to have you back. As I said before, I will be in touch about future ways that this community can benefit from your gifts. - Yvonne Williams, Ph.D., Director of Multicultural Education, St. Paul's School

We really enjoyed having you here at Keystone. The students are still talking about your performance and the dinner conversations. They came into my office yesterday to show me the Lockhaven website for diversity. They were so intrigued by the statements you had mentioned on their website. Thank you again for coming. - Lucilia Lopes, Keystone College, Assistant Director of Student Activities And Coordinator of Diversity and Campus Ministry

The campus is still buzzing, having experienced your performance. People who were unable to attend were regretful they were unable to experience you
in person. I personally appreciate you putting your heart and soul into your art. - John M. Wilson, Assistant Dean/Director of Multicultural Affairs,
Springfield College

"I want to tell you that people can't stop talking about the performance that Mr. Lucas gave on January 21. Please let me say again that you are wonderful. You helped to make the program a success by helping me obtain a fabulous special guest for the event. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been so proud that someone really took he time to study him and all of his contributions. Mr. Lucas has a wealth of knowledge about Dr. King. He is also just a genuine and kind person."

The event was wonderful! He was great with the students and with our staff..." - Thiel College

"In both his presentation and in his interactions with students and faculty in small groups... Jim was remarkable. In my eleven years... I have rarely experienced such a uniformly positive and enthusiastic response to a program of any kind. Students and faculty alike are asking when we can have him back."- Baylor School

"The most authentic and exhilarating King I have ever seen." - President William J. Clinton

"I really enjoyed Mr. Lucas' presentation on Dr. King... His own resemblance to Dr. King and the passion he used in reading those speeches made me feel like I was there on the march in Washington. It raised emotion in myself that I haven't felt in many years. The last time I felt that way was when I saw the Sistine Chapel in Rome..." - Unattributed audience member

"His resemblance to and interpretation of Dr. King has been called remarkable, awe inspiring, uncanny, and soulful... Jim Lucas is committed to inspiring people to dream." - Diversity Voices - University of North Carolina, Wilmington

"I thank Jim for planting (such) nutrient rich seeds. May we... cultivate those seeds, and witness the creation of compassionate, committed, socially conscientious, and humane fruit: our leaders of the future." - Deerfield Academy